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I am is a devoted worshiper of the written word. Comforted by my grandmother’s soothing baritone, as she recited verse and fairytales to me as a boy, I became obsessed with “story time.” As a young man, the intriguing dialogue of famous playwrights and the inspiring lyrics of clever songwriters lured me onto the stage as a performer. 

Later in life, having suffered the loss of speech during the first few months of battling Lyme Disease, I struggled to complete a coherent sentence. Bucking up the courage, I enrolled in a writing class. Forcing myself to read aloud the words I had written lifted the curse. Smitten with the art of language, I write daily.


Retired from a lengthy career as a Visual Director in upscale retail, I reside in Pennsylvania, USA, with my husband, Eddy, and our dog, Lucy Honeychurch.

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