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"A rare and beautiful work of fiction, Jer Long’s Pollyanna Gay should be celebrated for its achievements. Its rich prose and vividly painted characters delighted me and continued to haunt me." --Lorenzo Chavez, author of The Light of a Cuban Son

"Part poem, part fairy tale, the novel reads like a song . . . and instantly becomes just as catchy. But don't let the alliteration and playfulness of the author's storytelling fool you. Underneath it all is the rich tale of August, his (in turn) hilarious and surprising friends and acquaintances, and a history of humanity that will speak to readers of any age. And the words are just plain fun." --Tracy Rothchild Lynch, Writer, Editor, Coach

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"Polyanna Gay sparkles with humor and clever dialogue on every page. More than a fictionalized memoir, it's a tribute to a generation decimated by AIDS. The story is not only entertaining, but deeply poignant.  A spectacular tribute to an important era."  --Bronwyn Hughes, author of Swing Bridge Stories

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